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Jul 31, 2023

Jerry spent the last two years exploring the Caribbean, visiting many islands in his Bristol 32. We talk about his refit, why he wanted a full-keel boat, stopping leaks, windvanes, weather, Dominica, Puerto Rico, St Croix, Mona Island, san Salvador, storm anchors, anchoring in currents,

Jul 24, 2023

Morgan Cole sails a Saltram Saga 36, was a boatbuilder, and was involved in Susie Goodall's refit of her 2018 GGR Boat. We talk about sailing full-keel boats, heavy weather, docking, Susie's refit, sailplans, tacking, downwind sail combinations, and much more. 

Jul 17, 2023

Alan is a sailor that I met here in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We talk about his catamaran, sailing in the Western Caribbean, catamarans vs monohulls, rock climbing and its similarities to sailing, and much more.

Jul 10, 2023

I answer questions from my patrons (those who support through Patreon) including my experiences on different boats, how much money I spend, my tool collection, what gear I would have if I could afford it, calculating a power budget, where I get ideas for fictional stories and books, singlehanding, and reefing.

Jul 3, 2023

Nova Scotia, tying up to a fishing boat, the Atlantic circuit, killer whales, Newfoundland, Panama, lightning, deck details, owning and sailing an aluminum boat, anchoring, fishing in Canada, heaters, books,